Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility—acting responsibly towards stakeholders—is an integral part of Berner’s values, operating methods, management and day-to-day work. The goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, competitiveness and profitability, while also harmonizing and developing operating methods to promote responsibility.

Berner has direct responsibility for its own operations and production, as well as indirect responsibility for the operations of its supply chain and distribution partners. Our operations are certified pursuant to the ISO 9001 quality management certificate, the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate, the ISO 22716 certificate regarding the manufacture and storage of cosmetics and hygiene products (GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices), and a third-party assured ISO 13485 quality system required for the manufacture of healthcare equipment.

Economic responsibility

In accordance with Berner Ltd’s operating principles, strong solvency enables long-term commitment to staff well-being, the handling of operating costs and social welfare through taxes and other investments for the public good.  Our goal is to produce stable and long-term benefits for all our stakeholders through operations based on integrity, stability and profitability.

Distribution of economic value in Finland

Berner’s operations generate economic well-being for several stakeholders. Suppliers, staff, shareholders, and society all receive their share of Berner’s business cash flow.

The division of economic value, parent company EUR 1000

Materials and services
126 567110 359
Other partners:
Other operating expenses and investments
38 45144 013
Salaries and fees
17 79417 138
Shareholders and financiers: Dividends and financial costs6 1845 619
Taxes, pensions and social security costs
4 9395 237

Share of profits and bonuses

Since 1946, Berner has shared 10 percent of the company’s net profit with its employees as their share of the profit. According to Berner’s ideology, the owners have invested a monetary contribution and employees their work contribution in the company. The share of profit signifies interest from the work contribution.

In 2015, the staff numbered 367, of whom 283 employees received their share of the profit. According to the 2015 result, the paid share of profit was 2.35 percent of the annual income of each employee entitled to this share. In the previous year, the share percentage was 5.48.  Other employees who have regular working hours are covered by a bonus pay system.

Environmental responsibility

We continuously improve our operations and know-how in order to develop and manufacture high-quality products that put less of a burden on the environment. Through our choices of raw materials we ensure that our products and processes are safe for both the user and the environment. We monitor our energy consumption and save energy by developing our production methods and investing in energy efficient equipment.

Environmentally friendly Finnish production

The choices we make help keep jobs in Finland, reduce product transportation distances and reduce transport-related emissions. We provide training to our staff to ensure that everyone can reduce environmental impacts through their own actions.

We use life-cycle analyses in product development to manufacture safe products whose environmental impact is minimized. Our choices of packaging materials are aimed at reducing waste while facilitating the subsequent recycling and recovery of packaging materials. We manage the producer responsibility of our packaging via an agreement with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.

In transportation, we use careful planning and load optimization in cooperation with our partners to reduce environmental impacts. We also encourage our customers and consumers to use our products in an environmentally friendly manner and provide instructions that support this.

Sustainable choices for consumers

Several of our products have the Nordic Ecolabel, and well over a hundred of our products have the Key Flag label. During the year, the number of our Key Flag products increased to 207 (179). A total of 11 new products approved by the Allergy and Asthma Federation were developed in 2015. In total, 62 (51) products are now approved by the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

Key Flag products in total 207
Nordic Ecolabel products in total 21
Products approved by the Allergy and Asthma Federation in total 62
We strive to use suppliers with international certificates, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Environmental program at our facilities

Starting from 2010, our units in Eteläranta and Herttoniemi have been part of Green Office, WWF’s environmental program for business facilities, which aims at decreasing greenhouse emissions and the ecological footprint. During the year, we organized a Recycling Week at our operating locations and also participated in the Energy Saving Week.

Electricity consumption 2011-2015*


  • Eteläranta
  • Herttoniemi

* We use green, hydro-generated electricity

Paper consumption 2011-2015


  • Eteläranta
  • Herttoniemi

Kilometers flown 2011-2015

1000 km

  • Eteläranta
  • Herttoniemi

Berner participated in the Food Waste Week organized by the Consumers’ Union of Finland by communicating content on reducing food waste and responsible consumption on social media as well as other platforms, including the Rajamäen and GreenCare websites. We also encouraged our staff to reduce food waste.

Berner also participated in the campaign by donating products to Vantaan Apuraide, a non-profit association that provides food aid to homeless people and low-income families with children.

Social responsibility

Committed and enthusiastic employees are a key resource for Berner Ltd. In developing social responsibility, our goal is to continuously improve the wellbeing-at-work of our staff, the working conditions of the people who work in our supply chain, and the safety of our products.

In line with our values and ethical principles, we invest in developing the working community and the quality of our management, as well as personal training. We promote long careers.

Berner Ltd’s age-related management practices

Age-related management practices help find solutions that enhance the cooperation and interaction between people of different ages. We provide training on this theme to increase the understanding of management-level staff of the significance of age in different life stages and in working life. Management practices are approached from three points of view: Berner young, Berner middle-aged and Berner senior.

Berner complies with the UN Global Compact principles in its operations. We also want to ensure that the working conditions of our suppliers and close partners correspond to our ethical principles, which are based on legislation and international agreements related to working life. This is a sustainable development goal that we continuously work hard to achieve.

Age distribution

16 - 241,11
25 - 3932,03
40 - 4929,81
50 - 5927,86
60 +9,19

Gender distribution


Years of service

< 17,52

Berner as an employer in 2015

Our goal is to be an interesting employer and an attractive workplace

Average number of personnel 2015376
Employment relationships valid until further notice96%
New employment relationships
Number of new employment relationships valid until further notice21
New fixed-term employment relationships15
New employment relationships total36
Departure turnover rate of personnel 6%
Age of retirement64 y

Sponsorships and partnerships

Berner Ltd engages in long-term cooperation with selected partners and strives to be an active and responsible member of society.

In 2015, we again subsidized Finland’s Veterans’ Federation and Mannerheim Cross of Liberty bearers. We supported breast cancer awareness by participating in the Cancer Society of Finland’s pink ribbon campaign and we also participated in the World Hunger Day fundraising effort by the Finnish Red Cross. We supported the prevention of substance abuse among young people through Raide Ry.

Berner Ltd’s baby product brand Ainu started a partnership with the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals at the beginning of 2015. The partnership saw Ainu donate EUR 0.50 for each Ainu Ensipupu product sold in 2015 to the Association to help children requiring hospital care.  The proceeds from the campaign were used by Finnish University Children’s Hospitals to acquire medical equipment.

We have also provided extensive support to sports through partnerships with the Finnish Tennis Federation, Finnish Bandy Federation and Finnish Gymnastics Federation. We have also supported events organized by the Finnish Handicapped Sports and Exercise Association VAU and Suomen Latu – the Outdoor Association of Finland.

In 2015, we also donated products to support the foreign aid activities of the Finnish Red Cross and to help reception centers. We have also supported projects related to themes such as youth employment and environmental protection.