Annual report

Vain parasta -laatuleima
Antti Korpiniemi

Growth through renewal

The Berner Group’s development in 2015 was stable in spite of the significant challenges posed by the business environment. We invested in growth by developing our existing business operations and carrying out new acquisitions in line with our operating principles.

CEO's review

Key indicators

Turnover, MEUR


Equity ratio, %

76,9 %

Personnel (average)


Return on invested capital, %

12,1 %

Operating profit, MEUR


Operating profit, %

4,9 %

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Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility—acting responsibly towards stakeholders—is an integral part of Berner’s values, operating methods, management and day-to-day work. The goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, competitiveness and profitability, while also harmonizing and developing operating methods to promote responsibility.

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