Business areas

Consumer goods

We sell and market Berner brands and international brands. Our own brands are developed in cooperation with Finnish consumers. Our well-known Finnish brands compete in a leading position in many product categories.

As a leading cosmetics importer we represent several international brands. In addition to cosmetics, we import high-quality food, baby product and wellness equipment brands.

We harmonized our operations by consolidating all of Berner’s consumer businesses in a single division. The goal of this restructuring move is to implement an even more customer-focused operating method to provide better service to our customers. As part of the consolidation of operations, we decided to divest the ball game equipment business in late 2015.

Own brands


XZ – A strong Finnish brand

Consumers chose XZ as Finland’s most reliable shampoo brand for the fifth time.  As Finland’s highest-selling and most trusted hair care brand, XZ has been part of the daily life of Finns for more than 60 years. All XZ shampoos and conditioners are produced in Heinävesi. New energizing products were launched as part of the XZ family in spring 2015. XZ Energizing Fruit products revitalize dry and treated hair, and the XZ range was also complemented by an innovative leave-in conditioner.

LV – Knows your skin

lvThe LV product family for sensitive skin, which includes washing detergents as well as skin and hair care products, continued to see strong growth in 2015. LV launched LV 55+ skin care products, developed in Finland and designed for Finnish skin, featuring low pH that helps ageing skin remain moisturized and vibrant.

LV expanded its range of washing detergents in the autumn with two new products: LV Color Liquid washing tablets and the LV Unscented stain removal powder. The unscented and uncolored products were developed in cooperation with the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

Herbina – for your natural beauty

herbina_713Herbina has produced gentle and charming products designed for Finnish women for more than 30 years.

2015 was a year of renewal for the Herbina product family, including the launch of trendy body mist fragrances in the spring. The body mist products are manufactured in Finland and the fragrances are chosen by Finnish consumers.

The new Herbina Gloss hair styling series and Herbina’s new Herbina Energy Boost and Herbina Moisture Balance skin care products were launched in September. The new skin care product series were inspired by natural raw materials. The products are dermatologically tested Key Flag products. The products’ packaging was redesigned to make them even easier to use in line with consumer wishes.



Oxygenol’s products are based on Finnish raw materials such as xylitol. The products are Key Flag products manufactured at Berner’s Heinävesi factory.

The range of Oxygenol oral hygiene products was expanded by two new adult tooth paste products: the whitening Oxygenol White tooth paste and Oxygenol Sensitive tooth paste. The products are recommended by the Finnish Dental Association.

Korrek and Lasol

With more than 50 years of experience, Korrek is Finland’s best-known and most trusted brand of car care products. Lasol is the market leader in its category. The success of both brands is based on strong Finnish product development and cooperation with distribution channel partners.

The redesigned packaging of Lasol products, launched in autumn 2015, was very well received by the market. In conjunction with the package redesign, Lasol Lady was rebranded as Lasol Citrus.

The Korrek product family was complemented by Korrek Quick Wax in spring 2015.

We started several product development and production development projects in 2015, the results of which will be visible to consumers starting from 2016.


greencareWe continued to see strong growth and development in consumer channels in our garden care business. Our business is based on expertise, profound understanding of consumer needs and strategic partnership with retail trade.  Our investment in these, along with successful product launches, increased our sales in all key product segments and channels.

We are particularly proud of the new products launched under the GreenCare GroBiootti™ product family. Their positive reception encourages us to expand the product family further. GreenCare has become the market leader in several product groups.

As with our other consumer brands, we invested in multi-channel marketing and digital service development for GreenCare products. The redesigned website was launched in late 2015, and the highly popular GreenCare Facebook community was strengthened further.

The sales of grass seeds, fertilizers and rodent poison products, in particular, remained strong in 2015. The mosquito repellent market was subdued and sales fell short of the set targets.

Nokian Footwear

nokianNokian Footwear remains the most popular brand of rubber boots in Finland. Nokian Footwear combines nearly 120 years of experience with Finnish design and state-of-the-art technology. The renewal of the brand has seen iconic models such as Hai and Kontio complemented by future classics for both outdoor and urban use. To complement Nokian Footwear, we import Woolpower textiles for sports and recreation.

Nokian Footwear carries the Design from Finland label awarded by the Federation of Finnish Work to Finnish design, innovation, engineering, research and product development.

Nokian Footwear’s Julia Lundsten range was expanded in 2015 with the launch of several new elegant models. The Hai product family saw the launch of a trendy tricolor seasonal color scheme as well as the Hai Low boot. The launch of new Outdoor boots continued, which strengthened our position in the outdoor category. Our marketing efforts were focused on the Hai and Kontio product ranges with good results.

Nokian Footwear was ranked 75th in the annual Most Appreciated Brands in Finland survey conducted by Markkinointi&Mainonta magazine and Taloustutkimus.

We continued to strengthen our distribution channel cooperation during the year, both internationally and in Finland. Cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces remains a significant aspect of our operations in the footwear and clothing category.


rajamaenRajamäen has brought flavor to Finnish households for more than 125 years. Through coincidences, changing circumstances and some good fortune, it has grown from a small yeast factory to Finland’s largest producer of vinegar. Rajamäen maintained its strong position as a manufacturer of fermented vinegars. Active cooperation with food bloggers and well-known chefs also led to increased visibility and stronger sales for Rajamäen products.


Ainu maintained its position as the largest series of Finnish baby products. Ainu products are developed in cooperation with pediatricians, dentists and other industry experts.

Ainu reached the parents of babies efficiently through Ainu club, the renewed website and strong presence in social media. This was also reflected in the annual Most Appreciated Brands in Finland survey conducted by Markkinointi&Mainonta magazine and Taloustutkimus, in which Ainu leaped from its previous ranking of 545 to 134.

Ainu started a partnership with the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals at the beginning of 2015. The partnership saw Ainu donate EUR 0.50 for each Ainu Ensipupu product sold in 2015 to the Association to help children requiring hospital care. The proceeds from the campaign were used by Finnish University Children’s Hospitals to acquire medical equipment.

Imported food and well-being brands

Our naturally fermented and non-GMO Kikkoman brand was highly visible in the media and its successful advertising campaigns improved sales.

Omron strengthened its share as market leader in blood pressure meters. With consumers increasingly interested in self-care, Omron’s redesigned blood pressure meters are clearer and more user-friendly.

International cosmetics brands

Semi-selective and selective cosmetics

isadoraWe strengthened our position as the leading importer of cosmetics in Finland and the Baltic countries. Berner was able to increase its market share in spite of declining markets in several categories. Among selective cosmetics products, Sensai skin care products were particularly successful. In semi-selective cosmetics, brands such as IsaDora and Sally Hansen continued to see strong growth. Several new seasonal cosmetics products were launched during the year.

In June, we signed an agreement with Renalko Kaubandus Oü, the leading cosmetics company in Estonia, that sees the Estonian import and distribution operations for COTY brands transferred to Berner. Renalko will continue as a retail partner of well-known cosmetics brands such as Rimmel, Sally Hansen and Adidas.

The agreement strengthened our position as one of the leading cosmetics importers and distributors in the Baltic countries. Berner is now the distributor of COTY brands not only in Finland, but also throughout the Baltic countries. COTY is a leading global cosmetics company with brands sold in more than 130 countries.