Business areas

Farmer’s Berner

We have been developing Finnish plant protection on farms ever since 1933. In the past few years, this field has undergone many changes as production is focused on ever larger farms. The changes in the customer base and production have also required Berner to have a strong capacity for renewal.

The Farmer’s Berner business, which is focused on selling agricultural supplies directly to farmers, began full-scale operations in 2015. As a pioneer in the agricultural supplies trade, Berner launched a new online store for Finnish farmers featuring production inputs such as plant protection agents, seeds and fertilizers. The online store is a natural addition to the electronic services offered by Farmer’s Berner. One of our most popular services is the ParasSato service for the planning of farming and plant protection, which is being continuously developed further.

The product range was expanded to cover not only Berner’s traditional market of plant protection, but also all of the key production inputs of plant production. The new products include Addcon preservatives, Yara fertilizers and a comprehensive selection of seeds.

In autumn 2015, Berner Ltd acquired the seed, farming supplies and packaging business operations of HL-Vihannes Oy. In connection with the transaction, the agencies related to the business operations, the staff and the HL-Vihannes logo were transferred to Berner. The most significant principals of HL-Vihannes Oy include Syngenta, Rijk Zwaan, Clause and Stora Enso Packaging. Together with Berner’s existing product range, vegetable seeds as well as packaging and farming supplies and packaging machines constitute a more comprehensive entity that supports special plant farming.

Our combination of an efficient new expert organization and electronic services was favorably received by Finnish farmers. We achieved the targets set for our first year of operations, which provides a good foundation for the further development of operations in the coming years.