Business areas


Bröderna Berner Handels AB

Our subsidiary in Sweden is Bröderna Berner Handels AB. The subsidiary has two units: Gullviks, which specializes in plant protection agents, nutrients and seeds, and Berner Medical, which operates in healthcare. Our sales organization covers all of Sweden and the headquarters is in Malmö. Bröderna Berner Handels AB is ISO 9001 certified.

Plant protection, nutrients and seeds

Gullviks focuses on the retail sale of plant protection agents, nutrients, seeds, foliage nutrients and products used in forestry that are sold directly to farms.

Gullviks’ expertise and specialized personnel and way to trade have reached a position of trust among the customers. The cooperation with Swedish farmers has been fruitful. In 2015, turnover was particularly boosted by the sales of plant protection agents and nutrients. This was also reflected in more active recruitment, with five new sales representatives hired by Bröderna Berner.

Berner Medical

Berner Medical selection includes Ansell surgery gloves, Harry Holms racks and Bode Chemie disinfectants. The unit is known for its high-quality brands and its position in the market continues to strengthen.

Berner Medical’s sales have seen steady growth in the past few years. The good result is based on its cost-efficient organization. In the future, sales growth will also be sought by expanding the product selection.

Berner Eesti OÜ

Our subsidiary in Estonia is Berner Eesti OÜ. Our headquarters are in Tallinn, and we also operate in Latvia and Lithuania. We are the local organization of Dow Agroscience and DuPont Agro in all three Baltic countries. We also represent the products of Nisso Chemicals.

In 2015, the general economic development continued to be better than average in all three Baltic countries. Economic growth was highest in Latvia, with GDP growth of approximately 2.7 percent, followed by Lithuania at approximately 1.6 percent and Estonia at slightly below one percent.

The year was polarized in agriculture. Livestock production continued to suffer from low producer prices and the EU’s export sanctions on Russia. In crop production, the year was a positive one. Wintering was nearly 100 percent successful, and crop yields were a record high. Farmers also benefited from good harvest weather in the autumn.

Following the unfavorable growing season of 2014, farmers’ and retailers’ inventories of plant protection agents were higher than usual.  Nevertheless, the sales of Berner’s plant protection agents remained at a good level in 2015. Sales were also boosted by the successful launch of a new weed control agent for winter rape.

UAB Kruzas Nordic Cosmetics Distribution

Berner acquired the Lithuanian company UAB Kruzas Nordic Cosmetics Distribution in 2014. Berner’s Estonian import and distribution functions also operate under Kruzas, which recorded a turnover of approximately EUR 9 million in 2015.  Our target for 2016 is to reach EUR 11 million in turnover in the Baltic countries.

Kruzas signed an agreement with the Switzerland-based Trisa AG concerning the distribution of TRISA oral care products in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Established in 1887, Trisa AG recorded a turnover of approximately EUR 235 million in 2014.

Berner and Renalko Kaubandus Oü, the leading cosmetics company in Estonia, signed an agreement that sees the Estonian import and distribution operations for COTY brands transferred to Berner. Berner is now the distributor of COTY brands not only in Finland, but also throughout the Baltic countries via Kruzas. COTY is a leading global cosmetics company with brands sold in more than 130 countries. Renalko will continue as a retail partner of well-known cosmetics brands such as Rimmel, Sally Hansen and Adidas.