Business areas


The agency operation is ever more international; we have clients on all continents. The customer base is broad, from large international corporations to SMEs operating in Finland, in the private and the public sectors. We have customers in nearly all fields of industry and trade.

We reformed and expanded our operations in 2015. In the autumn, we signed an agreement on the acquisition of Neuvox Oy and Vitapol Oy. Established in 1988, Neuvox is a Finnish company specializing in the Russian chemical export and import business. Neuvox Oy’s turnover has grown by an average of 15 percent annually since 2001, and it reached EUR 9 million in 2014. Neuvox Oy has built an extensive network of suppliers and customers in Russia. The acquisition saw all of the company’s personnel transferred to Berner under their existing terms of employment. The acquisition strengthened our Russian chemical import and export business while also expanding our customer base.

Vitapol Oy is an expert in fur animal feed products that operates in Finland, the Baltic Countries and Belarus. Vitapol’s business complements the product portfolio of Berner’s agency’s operations and expands the operations geographically.