Financial statements

In 2015, consolidated turnover grew by a total of 4.9 percent to MEUR 289.3 (MEUR 275.9 in 2014). Consolidated profit decreased to MEUR 14.3 (MEUR 17.2 in 2014). Total profit for 2015 was 4.9 percent of turnover (6.2 percent in 2014).

The increase in consolidated turnover was primarily attributable to the expansion of the Farmer’s Berner and Agency businesses, which was also boosted by acquisitions made during the financial year. In the autumn, we agreed on an acquisition with HL-Vihannes Oy, a family business established in 1981. The transaction saw HL Vihannes Oy’s seed, farming supplies and packaging business operations transferred to Berner.  The other acquisition in 2015 was concluded with Neuvox Oy. Established in 1988, Neuvox is a Finnish company specializing in the Russian chemical export and import business.

The economic climate in Finland remained difficult in 2015, which had a negative impact on the development of consolidated profit.

As a Finnish family company, Berner aims at balanced long-term operation and steady growth. The Group’s solvency and liquidity remained at an excellent level in 2015. The equity ratio was 76.9 percent (78.6 in 2014) and the current ratio 3.9 (4.3 in 2014). Return on invested capital was 12.1 percent (15.6 percent in 2014).

In 2015, the Group had an average of 524 employees (517 in 2014), of whom 49 worked in Sweden (44 in 2014) and 99 in the Baltic countries (106 in 2014).