Product development and production

Production plants

Our production plants are located in Heinävesi, a municipality in Eastern Finland surrounded by beautiful nature. Providing jobs for approximately 50 people, our plants are the largest industrial employer in the municipality.

With decades of experience, we manufacture cosmetics and hygiene products, car care products, plant protection agents, pesticides, washing and cleaning detergents and vinegar products.  Our best-known brands include XZ, LV, Herbina, Ainu, Oxygenol, Tummeli, Lasol, Korrek, Heti, GreenCare and Rajamäen.

Our quality management and environmental management certificates guarantee the responsibility of our operations. At Berner we place a high value on keeping production in Finnish hands, because it allows us to be closely involved with the entire process and to employ people also in smaller towns. We want to offer Finns only the best, and keeping this promise requires that we monitor the quality of our products from product development all the way to the consumer.

We modernised our equipment in 2015 and rolled out a substantial number of new products; for example, under the LV and Herbina brands.

Our main focus in 2015 was on the development of personnel well-being. We expanded our job rotation and all employees at the factory completed occupational safety training. We carried out a development project aimed at maintaining and improving professional competencies and well-being at work. The implementation of the project led to concrete changes in our operations, and the development work will continue in the coming years.