Product development and production

Product development

Berner Ltd is one of the leading brand product manufacturers in Finland. Our strengths lie in Finland-based product development and manufacture, and we believe that our customers value our domestic, responsible and high-quality production.

Berner has carried out product development since the 1950s. The brands we have developed and are manufacturing include XZ hair care products, the LV and Herbina product family, the Lasol and Korrek car care series, Heti cleaning products for professionals and Desinfektol and LV disinfectants. The products are developed in a product development unit in the Herttoniemi area in Helsinki and manufactured in Heinävesi.

Ensuring that strong know-how and expertise stays in Finland is important for Berner. We use local raw materials and packaging in product development and production in order to keep transport distances as short as possible. Domestic production also plays a significant role in keeping jobs and expertise in Finland.

The main focuses of the financial year were product development and preparing for changes in legislation. Plenty of new products were developed during the year.

New items in domestic product development

During the year, we developed and launched numerous new products to suit the needs of Finnish consumers. The new products take into account the special needs of ageing skin and utilise raw materials from the Nordic nature.


We developed the LV 55+ skin care product family specifically for Finnish skin, helping ageing skin remain moisturized and vibrant. The low pH of the products helps ageing skin to normalise its pH. Ageing skin has its own needs: the skin gets thinner and drier, and sensitivity to fragrances increases. The skin’s ability to return its pH to normal is reduced as you get older.


The Oxygenol dental hygiene product family was expanded with two new tooth pastes for adults. The Oxygenol White tooth paste has a whitening effect that is based on its cleaning impact. Oxygenol Sensitive contains a low-foam, mild surfactant and moisturising, domestic betaine; in addition, it reduces sensitivity, has a low abrasiveness level and a mild flavour. Both tooth pastes contain Finnish xylitol and fluoride, which, as a combination, has been proven to work more efficiently against caries than fluoride paste that does not contain xylitol. The products are recommended by the Finnish Dental Association. They are manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland.


Herbina’s new skin care product families, Herbina Energy Boost and Herbina Moisture Balance, were developed to meet the needs of Finnish women. The new skin care product families were inspired by natural raw materials. The products in the Energy Boost family contain organic orange blossom water that moisturises and soothes the skin, as well as sea buckthorn juice, which is one of the most effective natural antioxidants. The products also contain vitamins C and E. The Moisture Balance family moisturises and balances dry skin. Natural almond and avocado oil provide nourishment and soften the skin, and the refreshing, organic rose floral water offers balance and a bit of luxury. The products have a soft, feminine fragrance. The products are dermatologically tested Key Flag products.


XZ expanded its haircare selection with the XZ Rhubarb-red currant products aimed at dyed hair. The shampoo and conditioner in the product family help your colour last longer, nourishing and moisturising treated hair. Chemically treated hair may become porous, dry or shineless, and they need special care. The rhubarb-red currant products nourish, strengthen and moisturise treated hair. The products contain honey compound and citrus extract. The refreshing fragrance combines the freshness of rhubarb and red currant. The products are Key Flag products manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland.


In the field of car care, we developed the new Korrek Quick Wax, which is easy to use, and thus ideal for all busy car owners. The Quick Wax contains both natural carnauba wax and polymer waxes, creating a smooth surface that is easy to maintain.

HETI products for professionals

The design of the HETI family of cleansers and detergents was renewed.  In addition, the product names were made more consistent and the look of the entire product family was upgraded. The first allergy certified detergents, HETI Raspo Joutsen and HETI Kapu Joutsen, were introduced in the family. The products have also been granted the Nordic Ecolabel.

Provisor for professionals

The Provisor lotion for hands and body was developed by a pharmacist, and it has been the choice of Finns for skin care since 1960. Now, the product, which is highly popular among professionals, has been extended into an entire product family ideally suited for elderly care and health care professionals to increase the daily well-being of the skin and hair of their customers. The new products in this family are Provisor shower shampoo, moisturising lotion and washing liquid. The Provisor washing liquid has been granted the Nordic Ecolabel.

New chemical labels on the packages

The CLP Regulation, or the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, renewed the classifications and labels of substances and mixtures, significantly affecting the classifications and labels on cleansers and detergents.

Since 1 June 2015, all products containing substances labeled as hazardous must be marked in accordance with the new CLP Regulation.  Due to the new regulation, the material safety data sheets and labels of some 200 industrial and professional products were updated to fulfill the requirements of the new legislation.